Kaotisk Hund

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I mostly do my research on decentralized technologies. My main project is Arching Kaos. You can find its index of services to see its subparts and learn more about the project.

Most of the related repositories can be found here in a cgit instance.

There is also a "port" to centralized distribution of the source code through github.com.


Kaotisk Hund is interested in decentralized technologies, sound exploration, coding utilities, creating simple webpages and much more. He likes to learn new things and he enjoys small things. Loves coffee! If you have a project you wanna build and you feel like contacting Kaotisk Hund, he 's more likely to answer 'cause he 's always in search for these. He does his work with open source programs, scripts of his own, some php, nodejs and more on programming routines away.


You can reach me using the form here, or using github. I am also available on scuttlebutt.

If you are interesting in music related work, I am also available on soundcloud and mixcloud.

Lastly, you can use IRC or matrix for instant messaging.

Thank you for your visit

Hope hearing from you