Kaotisk Hund

KAOTISKHUND airdrop processing is paused!


I mostly do my research on decentralized technologies. My main project is Arching Kaos. You can find its index of services to see its subparts and learn more about the project.

Most of the related repositories can be found here in a cgit instance.

There is also a "port" to centralized distribution of the source code through github.com.

Why decentralized and distributed technologies?

I was fascinated by peer to peer technologies. I was understanding that this model is person to person as in human societes which is good, is the natural way of doing things. For example, if I want something you have, I am going to ask for it. If there are any requirements that I would need to firstly complete, you would tell me.

I believe we don't need a central authority or server for me to let you know that I just said "Hi!".

In the ending question: how to say "Hi!" to someone without letting anybody else to know what or to whom or by who it was sent without anyone except the original greeter and the targeted person?


Crypto is used as reference to cryptocurrency: A series of programs that are issuing, distributing and allow irreversible transactions of coins in a network that these programs create.

Example of these programs are BitcoinCore that makes up the Bitcoin network, LitecoinCore that makes the Litecoin network etc.

There are cryptocurrencies that someone can create their own "asset" in the network and issue coins (some refer to them as tokens). These can be bought, sold, sent or received.

I used Stellar Network to issue KAOTISKHUND coins. There were around 940 billion of them, but I burned some.

Asset's utility

KAOTISKHUND is NOT a commodity, security or stock. It's more like meme-coin like DogeCoin. It represents nothing concrete. It exists only for understanding the Stellar network, coin distribution, markets and it's used for exploring ideas that could be implemented for general purpose.

Asset's current distribution

As of the above, KAOTISKHUND is NOT backed or reserved with anything. Its only backing is by any people that want to buy it or sell it. Distribution was made by testing how I should do it, so I put an order for selling most of them. After that, 738 of 942 billions were bought at some point by an address I don't own. There are around 40 accounts that trusted so far KAOTISKHUND for their own reasoning.

My allocation

As of writing this, I hold less than 0.3% of the total supply, while I have locked 0.7% in liquidity pools.

Whale situation

The asset's whale has 723.5 billion coins where 218 billions are set to be sold for 0.0000001-0.0000002 XLM each.


Kaotisk Hund is interested in decentralized technologies, sound exploration, coding utilities, creating simple webpages and much more. He likes to learn new things and he enjoys small things. Loves coffee! If you have a project you wanna build and you feel like contacting Kaotisk Hund, he 's more likely to answer 'cause he 's always in search for these. He does his work with open source programs, scripts of his own, some php, nodejs and more on programming routines away.


You can reach me using the form here, or using github. I am also available on scuttlebutt.

If you are interesting in music related work, I am also available on soundcloud and mixcloud.

Lastly, you can use IRC or matrix for instant messaging.

Thank you for your visit

Hope hearing from you