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For news, you can visit the Arching Kaos Log. There are more links to see, like the Hidden blog which provides with instructions, helpful articles and some diary entries, you can visit the Arching Kaos Radio or just search anonymously the internet using Searx.

For contact information, you can use the contact form, or chat with us via the chat.

If you find any problem, please feel free to report it at Arching Kaos Support.

Timeline / Projects

Year Type Name Link
2020 website, index arching-kaos.com Visit
2020 mail arching-kaos.com -
2019 website, chat, matrix Chat service Visit
2019 website, searx, cjdns Search service Visit
2019 website, cjdns Gate ed12 Visit
2019 website, radio, ssb, dat, ipfs, cjdns Arching Kaos Visit
2019 eshop Sckrox Visit
2019 ssb Scuttlebot Pub Sub Visit
2019 website Ellas Consult BG Visit
2017 app, electron, nodejs irc-electron View repo
2017 app, nodejs torrent-bot View repo
2017 website AC Livas Visit
2017 website Bali Medical Center Visit
2017 website Villa Simore Visit
2016 website, cjdns Kaotisk Hund Portal Visit
2016 website, cjdns Rethymno Meshnet -
2016 website, dns Ariadne Sailing Visit
2015 website, dns Villa Sofia Prines Visit
2014 php BoxTreme Pure View repo
2013 php MPPM View repo
2012 website, radio MTA Radio -

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Kaotisk Hund is in interest with decentralized technologies, sound exploration, coding utilities, serve webpages and much more. He likes to learn new things and he enjoys small things. Loves coffee! If you have a project you wanna build and you feel like contacting Kaotisk Hund, he 's more likely to answer 'cause he 's always in search for these. He does his work with open source programs, scripts of his own, some php, nodejs and more on programming routines away.

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